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Read Off Script: a tool to prepare your kid for this big queer world

January 06, 2020

"Incorporating diverse parental names and family structures into your kid’s early development doesn’t require you buy all the books in the “LGBT Children’s Books” section of Amazon. Reading off script and incorporating a wide range of parental names into storytime with your young child is one easy way to prepare your child to be in a community with children of genderqueer and transgender people and other families whose caregivers don’t consist of one dad and one mom."

Bearing Life With and Alongside: On Masculinity, Pregnancy, and Medical Trauma- Autostraddle

November 19, 2018

Peripartum Cardiomyopathy isn’t “random”; it is clustered at higher rates in certain communities, just like MS is clustered into certain communities, but with a more rapidly fatal impact. “Why do so many people in my community have autoimmune diseases” now extends into “to what extent did MS contribute to PPCM; to what extent did the things that contributed to MS (for example, stress created by trauma and the vigilance of survival as a visibly gender-non-conforming person) also contribute to PPCM?”​

Lead By Example: Women of Color led curbside community delays OPD eviction- Medium

November 10, 2018

Aiyahnna Johnson, a resident of Housing and Dignity Village and former leader of Occupy Oakland, said the community is fighting the eviction because the city’s approach to curbside communities is “just belittling to anybody who deserves the human rights in this. They’re looking at the money instead of the actual people. And that’s a problem. They don’t care about the resources that they can provide or the help that they could provide.”

Introduction to A Life We Braid: The what & why- A Life We Braid

October 23, 2018

Both of us are bookish and deeply smitten with our femme/butch and lesbian ancestry; we are each deep in individual projects that return to texts of the 20th century, particularly the 1970’s-90’s to reflect on and position ourselves and our communities in the current moment. In these re-readings, we notice how the struggles to support butch/femme, trans liberation, sex workers, and kink are intertwined in the past as well as the future. 

December 18, 2017

Those who spend their days in collective struggle for equality see the holidays as a time to send cards with a social-justice bent.



Before I had kids, I always intended to send holiday cards, but usually never got around to it. When my first baby was born, our extended family made it perfectly clear: A holiday card with a picture of the kid on it was now mandatory. That first year, 2014, we went all-in with a picture of the infant in an elf outfit...

September 23, 2017

Homelessness is visible in most U.S. cities and towns. Signs with messages such as "Iraq War Vet: Anything you give helps." are not uncommon sights on the on-ramps, intersections, and sidewalks of this nation. Often, stably-housed people become overwhelmed when faced with people in need of housing and other support. The hopeful news is that there are actions you can take each and every day to help people experiencing homelessness and to end veteran homelessness...

"How to Prepare for a Haunted Planet While Living on a Haunted Planet: A review of M Archive: After the End of the World by Alexis Pauline Gumbs"

March 07, 2018

"M Archive is a corrective lens that allows us to see the way the world is literally constituted from the legacies of harm. It allows us to see how seemingly harmless ways of being are linked to the possible destruction of humanity, but it also shows us the skills needed to transform and survive this harm."

December 06, 2017

One wet New England day, Liz Buxton got stuck to the bottom of one of the many mobile freezer units outside of the food processing facility where she is the Director of Operations. But thanks to $750,000 in grants from the USDA, Massachusetts Department of Agriculture, and private donors, Buxton and her co-workers at the Franklin County Community Development Corporation (FCCDC) will no longer have to shuttle food from the mobile freezers, through the ice, rain, and snow, and into the commercial kitchen for processing...

August 01, 2016

Living in an automobile is an increasingly common but underexamined experience in the United States. The car provides shelter against the elements of outdoors, but living in the automobile requires a complex set of practices over dispersed space in order to meet basic bodily and social needs. Using accounts of car dwelling found in survival guides, news reports, blogs, and day-in-the-life videos, this article analyzes some of the fundamental tensions between stillness and mobility, private and public, and home and homeless evidenced in the place-making practices of car dwelling...

August 23, 2016

We are prodigal daughters and sons and chickens come home to roost.

The USDA knows this. I think deep down you know this, too. We are your children and grandchildren. We are the people whose ancestors’ lands were stolen that keep returning to the countryside against the odds. The gay pride slogan “We are everywhere!” is actually true. Many of us are already here, and even more are coming on out to the country...

"Relating Through Story: A Review of FASHIONABLY LATE: Gay, Bi & Trans Men Who Came Out Later in Life"

February 01, 2018

"I was skeptical that I would find a connection with the stories ... I came out at 16 as a butch dyke and I learned quickly that the cultural gap between the experiences of gay men and lesbians was wide ... And so, as I read the book, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself nodding along."

PhD Dissertation | Dual Abandonment: rurality, homelessness and public culture

March 09, 2016

"For Lynxster, the permanent traveler I spoke with, staying out of cities altogether was the most effective tactic to avoid harsh policing that accompanies the visibility of urban homelessness. He said that he won’t go back into certain cities for fear that he will be arrested on outstanding warrants associated with quality-of-life offenses. He tries to stay mostly in rural areas or on the move to avoid the harsh policing of urban areas. In this way, his mostly rural based housing inadequacy is a product of the visibility of urban homelessness."

The 3 Little Words That'll Turn Even The Worst Situation Into a Good Memory

January 11, 2018

It seems like a simple turn of phrase, a cheesy solution to life's messes, but I think it works. It makes you and your partner feel that you're in the thick of it together, that this moment is unpleasant, shared, and will end. "Making a memory!" I say, as I wipe the baby's poop rolling down my wife's arm. "Making a memory!" my wife says, as she pulls off her giant sun hat to fan the smoking engine block.

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