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Lead By Example: Women of Color led curbside community delays OPD eviction

Aiyahnna Johnson with the sign "I am protected by the 8th amendment! I cannot be moved"

Hello followers! I am back in the Oakland/SF Bay area and have been reporting on a very important story about a women-of-color led "curbside community" of people living in tents on an abandoned city lot. The community includes women and their families, is a sober and family-friend space, and provides community support services to other (housed and unhoused) people in the community such as a weekly health clinic, meals, and a safe place to rest during the day. One of the things I find compelling about this story is the way in which the community is leading a successful, self-managed, safe, and sustainable model of how to organize and provide long-term shelter that centers the unhoused people's needs in a city with large numbers of people living in tents, on benches, and in cars at very high numbers. The image above is one of the community leaders & residents, Aiyahnna Johnson.

The City of Oakland has posted a notice to clear the lot, and I am covering the case via my Medium Page. Read the first story here.

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