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Writing/Long-Form Content

Translating research and political process to a general audience

"Often, stably-housed people become overwhelmed when faced with people in need of housing and other support. The hopeful news is that there are actions you can take each and every day to help people experiencing homelessness and to end veteran homelessness."

How to Help End Veteren Homelessness |

Exploring the mobius strip of culture and politics

"Based on the way each family is able to live under the troubling conditions of this time, there are different calculations about what a holiday card can or should communicate."

In Troubling Times, Holiday Cards Send A Message Of Resistance | The Establishment

Reporting on what matters to communities

One wet New England day, Liz Buxton got stuck to the bottom of one of the many mobile freezer units outside of the food processing facility where she is the Director of Operations. But thanks to $750,000 in grants from the USDA, Massachusetts Department of Agriculture, and private donors, Buxton and her co-workers at the Franklin County Community Development Corporation (FCCDC) will no longer have to shuttle food from the mobile freezers, through the ice, rain, and snow, and into the commercial kitchen for processing.

New cold storage facility supports the growth of local food producers

Producing actionable research & sharing the findings

"Using accounts of car dwelling found in survival guides, news reports, blogs, and day-in-the-life videos, this article analyzes some of the fundamental tensions between stillness and mobility, private and public, and home and homeless evidenced in the place-making practices of car dwelling. In analyzing the relationship between material arrangements, practices of spatial and social regulation, and identity formation, I argue that while car dwelling cannot be linked to one specific identity or experience. Relying on Doreen Massey’s concept of ‘practicing place’ this article shows how the complex negotiations of place-making expose multiple routes to theorize nonnormative uses of space and materiality and to develop more equitable access to resources."

Home is Where You Park It: Place-making practices of car dwelling in the United States | Space & Culture

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Digital Communications & Design

Copy Writing

Writing Clear and Strategic Copy


I have experience writing long and short form copy for small businesses, artists, and social justice organizing projects in digital and hardcopy formats. 


All the digital projects and articles in the portfolio use copy that I wrote. Check it out! 


Website Design

Web design for artists, collectives, and small businesses


Using Wix & Wordpress content management systems I design websites for artists, collectives, and small businesses. I am particularly skilled with accompanying tech-wary individuals through the process leaving them more confident in managing and creating new content for their sites in the future. This website featured was designed for a freelance writer looking to grow her web presence and reach. Take a look!


For an example of a site designed with WordPress using original content:

More website examples are available upon request. 

Marketing Communications

Social media marketing strategy & design. 


Our farm business went from an old overgrown field full of hopes and dreams to an innovative community cheerleader providing queer and woman farmer themed swag and farmer grown products to over 100 individual customers, and 250 regularly engaged social media followers in just a year and a half. I designed, promoted, and managed the web store for Ostara Luna Farm, my former permaculture farm business.

I also wrote the newsletter, managed the social media accounts, and designed holiday and sales campaigns for a small community food cooperative, The Old Creamery Coop, from 2016-2017. 

I have two years of experience turning laughter and eye candy into purchases. 


From designing, writing, and scheduling regular Facebook posts to get people to walk through a brick-and-mortar door to reaching marginalized folks who are the most likely consumers of a specialized product, I have experience breaking through the digital doldrums to bring people into engagement. 


The image to the left is from a newsletter at a small rural community cooperative grocery store, the Old Creamery Coop. 

Designing Information for Impact

Visual information that shows so it can tell.


I design posters, fliers, and digital marketing materials using Canva, Paint, or Microsoft Office Suite. This is a sample from a series of posters used for the launch of a reparations campaign. More sample posters and fliers are available upon request. 



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